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eofEscapes of water and other fluids can be caused by negligence, poor installation, equipment failure, frozen pipes or by deliberate intent. Regardless of the cause, even seemingly minor escapes of water can lead to considerable financial loss. Early attendance and inspection of the physical evidence is often key to determining the outcome of a case.

Our engineers have investigated incidents on all scales and involving many different types of piping and jointing systems, whether domestic hot and cold water services, mains water or industrial processes. An investigation of the cause of escapes of fluids can ascertain whether the problem lies in a manufacturing defect, an installation error, system design, environmental factors or a combination of these factors.

At Zetetech we provide clear, concise technical reporting with minimum jargon, keeping our clients informed at all stages of an investigation. Our clients include loss adjusters, insurance companies, P&I Clubs, solicitors, corporate clients and private individuals.