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feZetetech is a small dynamic team, able to attend incidents that are often in a time critical environment.  Our investigators are qualified, trained and experienced in determining the cause and origin of fires and explosions.  We understand the need to be able to accurately prove cause in relation to fires and explosions and to differentiate what is effect of the fire, and how this affects insurance cover liability and any possible recovery from third parties.

We respond as quickly as possible to secure the physical evidence needed to form a valid opinion and to prove the case in court.  Our training, experience and expertise enables us to handle incidents of all sizes and report appropriately.  The same robust, scientific approach is applied to all investigations, regardless of the size of loss.  Timely transfer of information allows our clients to make sound decisions based on facts.

We are experienced in the specification and reporting of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling of fires. Computer modeling can provide valuable insight into many aspects of a fire including ignition, spread and development and the impact of passive and active fire protections systems.

At Zetetech we provide clear, concise technical reporting with minimum jargon, keeping our clients informed at all stages of an investigation.  Our clients include loss adjusters, insurance companies, P&I Clubs, solicitors, corporate clients and private individuals.