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msfLosses incurred due to the failure of machinery or mechanical systems can be costly.  At Zetetech we understand that the investigation of cause must be dealt with promptly and efficiently in order to mitigate ongoing and subsequent losses due to down time or business interruption.

We take a scientific approach to determine the root cause of mechanical or system failure, whether it lies with manufacturing defect, operational error, inadequate maintenance, system design or installation error.  Coming from solid engineering backgrounds, our investigators have been entrusted to investigate incidents of escapes of water, escapes of oil, gases and other fluids, hydraulic systems failure, failure of machine parts, building components, electronic and electro-mechanical control system failure, contamination and more to determine whether the loss is the result of a defect in manufacturing, design, installation, maintenance or operation of a system or an appliance.

Experience in management of multi-disciplinary investigations ensures the successful outcome of Zetetech investigations.  We have strong associations with experts in a wide range of specialist fields and of whom we consider to be part of the Zetetech team.  They can be called upon when their particular area of expertise is required in an investigation, such as electrical, electronic, materials and metallurgical, CFD and specialist analytical laboratory services.