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    Lee Masson


Lee holds a Bachelor of Engineer degree with honours in Civil Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and a Master of Science degree in Fire Safety Engineering from the University of Ulster.  He is a Chartered Fire Engineer, registered with the Engineering Council in the UK through the Institution of Fire Engineers with experience in zone fire modelling, fire engineering calculations, fire risk assessments and developing fire engineering solutions. Lee has specified and supervised a number of fire and explosion related CFD modelling projects and engineering test programs.

Lee is a highly experienced forensic investigator, investigating a wide variety of land based incidents of fire and explosion and of escapes of water and other fluids in commercial and domestic buildings, vehicles and aircraft. He has marine fire and explosion investigation experience in engine rooms, machinery spaces, cargo holds and accommodation areas on many types of vessels including container ships, tankers, chemical carriers, car carriers, yachts, cruise liners and passenger vessels.

Lee provides advice to loss adjusters, lawyers, P&I clubs, insurers, advocates and large corporations and prepared reports and expert memorandums of agreement for the use in the Court of Session, Sheriff Court and High Court in Scotland; High Court in England and Arbitrations.  Lee has presented expert evidence in Court.


    Andrew Collins


Andrew holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Bath (specialising in electrochemistry), where he also completed his undergraduate Master’s degree in chemistry. Throughout his academic career he presented at conferences worldwide and has been published in internationally recognised journals including Langmuir and Chemical Communications.  

Andrew then went on to work for Imperial Brands, where he conducted external scientific engagement for the company. His work involved influencing stakeholders at a variety of levels and attending international workshops and conferences, including the Global Forum on Nicotine, held in Poland in 2015. He also travelled to the USA to speak at a key conference held by the Food and Drugs Administration to determine upcoming regulations on e-cigarettes.  

Following this, Andrew spent a number of years with Burgoynes as a forensic investigator for fires and explosions. He has investigated a wide variety of incidents including cases at domestic dwellings, vehicle fires, and fires involving industrial machinery. His cases included the high-profile ‘Wing Fat’ fire in Manchester (October 2017) as well as the Liver Industrial Estate fire in Liverpool (December 2017). His investigation experience spans a wide range of causes including manufacturers’ defects, accidental causes, improper installation/repair as well as criminal activities. Andrew now continues his work as a forensic investor with Zetetech. 

Andrew grew up internationally (speaking both Spanish and Italian fluently) and he is a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy Reserve.

    Frank Duffy


Frank has a Bachelor of Engineering degree with honours in Building Engineering from the University of Liverpool and a Master of Science degree in Fire Investigation for Practitioners from Anglia Ruskin University. He has presented papers on fire investigation at Edinburgh University and for various maritime and insurance organisations.  He has advised and reported on incidents to loss adjusters and insurers, solicitors and counsel, P&I clubs and their members.  Frank has presented expert evidence in Court.

With experience of forensic investigations spanning many European countries, the Middle East, Asia and both North and South America, Frank has built a global reputation for his particular expertise and professionalism. Previously the managing director for a chimney design and manufacturing company for over 12 years, Frank entered the world of forensic investigation in the mid 1990’s.  He was contracted for his expertise in chimneys, flues and heating appliances and in relation to cause of fires.  Frank’s two years postgraduate employment with Vickers Shipbuilding in Cumbria also proved to be a valuable foundation in the investigation of ships fires. He has been involved in the investigation and determination of cause and origin of fires and explosions on passenger ferries, container ships, heavy lift and bulk carriers, product tankers, luxury yachts and tugboats.