responseWe offer a complete forensic investigation solution, from instruction and investigation of the scene, documenting and recovering evidence to complete reporting and providing expert witness evidence in court, if required.

We fully appreciate the need for speed and will tell you immediately if we can attend an incident and when we can be there.

We will advise at the earliest possible stage if an incident is unlikely to lead to recovery or repudiation. Timely transfer of information allows our clients to make sound decisions based on the facts of the case.

We will document, photograph, tag and secure physical evidence, which can be easily lost in the turmoil and clear up of an incident.  Loss of evidence at a scene may be accidental but can be deliberate to conceal criminal acts.

All reports issued by Zetetech undergo a rigorous peer review process to ensure arguments are clearly and concisely made, the language used is appropriate and that opinion can be supported by the evidence.

Should an investigation lead to legal proceedings, we will continue to provide advice to your solicitors and counsel and if required, we will provide evidence in court as expert witness.